Welcome to In Bruttium, my new blog about Calabrese, and other “Mezzogiorno” or Southern Italian, culture, history, and destinations. I decided to start this blog as an ongoing project to uncover more information on this region, for a couple of reasons. First, Calabria is, I believe, one of Italy’s least-known and least-understood regions, especially to outsiders. It is not a major travel destination like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, or even Naples. It lacks the Hollywood-generated recognition of Sicily, and even the randomness of Sardinia. I plan on covering Sicily and Sardinia to some extent here too. But my main focus will be Calabria – rural, impoverished, wild, ancient, and a bit of a mystery.

My other reason is more personal, as I am of Calabrese descent. I’m only 25% “Italian” – more on the sarcastic quotes in another post – but it’s a big 25%, and it’s all Calabria. My great-grandparents came to America from the Cosenza area, and although this heritage has been watered down over generations, I still feel it in me. It’s mixed in with Irish and German and English, but as the most recently immigrated of my European lines, it stands out. I suppose Italy and Italians have a habit of standing out anyway. From the food to the conversation style to the clothing to the flag colors to the auto traffic, Italy is, well, loud. It begs exploration.

I’ve only been to Italy twice and to Calabria once, but my goal is to return at least a couple of times to seek and report on its hidden treasures, unique stories, odd trivia, varied cuisine, and interesting people. I hope to hear from readers with similar curiosities, who may have interesting information of their own to share. So begin our adventures In Bruttium.



16 thoughts on “Benvenuto!

      • I am trying to go there by next year soonest. To do a Eurotrip, starting from Germany coz I have several friends there. Haha. Will see how. If not to Europe, maybe I will go to Australia instead. Hehehe. Still contemplating πŸ˜‰

  1. Happened to land on your blog while researching Griko/Calabria as my wife and I plan to spend two weeks in areas south of Cosenza hopefully this fall. Ironically her grandparents on her father’s side are originally from San Fratello, Sicily. We were there in 2007 and although I speak Sicilian & Italian I couldn’t understand a word in the town’s dialect. It was Sicilian but with a strong guttural French/German accent. Just love your articles.

    • Thanks so much Angelo. I hope you have a great time on your trip – let me know how it goes! I’ll have to read about San Fratello’s dialect and history – sounds intriguing.

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