Going Southward


I love my mixed roots. Though I’m 100% Italian, my origins are scattered around the peninsula.
My father is from Calabria, the very tip of the boot (as Italy is commonly called), my mother is Venetian, with a Venetian mother and a Sicilian father.
This mix is lethal. I can tell you. Calabrian people are known for being stubborn. Verrrry much. And I proudly am, just like my father. From my motherly side I inherited pride for being Venetian, stubborness (again!), passion and impetuosity for everything I care about and a (unfortunately) bossy attitude.
I love to go to Calabria fo my summer holidays; my grandparents’ house is in a quiet and breath-taking area, where tourism hasn’t quite arrived yet. Nature is still kind of wild, sun shines for months in an amazing shade of blue sky and the beach is empty.
Good food, sun, clear water and no crowd?…

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