This blog is about Calabria – its history, culture, cuisine, and people. It will also touch on other parts of the Mezzogiorno and Italy. Enjoy.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog ‘Another Couple’s Blog’! I like what you’re writing here on your blog. I feel as if the world needs to learn more about culture and it’s history within. Keep on writing 😀

  2. hi maraneso,

    thank you for liking my recent post and dropping by.
    i have started my blog not long ago and you are my first italian contact.
    the bunches of grapes in your latest post looks so yummy!
    hope to hear from you again soon.

    very best regards,

  3. Beautiful photo, Maraneso…Great to see a blog about one of the non-touristy areas of Italy. i drove through Calabria from Rome to Sicily, and from Sicily to Salerno. amazing countryside and seashore. Thank you for stopping by my blog tonight.

  4. Whoa! Really cool stuff on here! Thanks for stopping by my site, I dare say I would never have had the chance to run across this history otherwise! Hadn’t even thought of the possibility!

  5. Thanks you so much for liking my post about Nettuno. We had such a lovely holiday and to read your posts on Italy now I’m home keeps me comforted like a big bowl of homemade pasta. Thanks.

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